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Helping You Push Through Life

Pushing Through Community Services utilizes a unique client-centered approach that provides quality counseling services with an emphasis on mindful recovery. Our goal is to increase clients' awareness of self-help strategies to achieve a better quality of life while offering a strong support system. All of our staff members are caring, fully-licensed therapists that focus on cognitive and behavioral therapy. We work with clients on an individual and group-basis with an emphasis on depression/anxiety, drug, and alcohol abuse and other areas.

Why Choose Us?

There are times in life that leave us in need of a caring voice and helping hand. We may be faced with trying moments where we feel lost, hopeless or lacking in direction. At Pushing Through Community Service, we’re here to be that calming voice. Our therapists assist patients in realigning their focus and navigating day-to-day activities with greater clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. With years of experience in helping others, we’re committed to being with you and your family every step of the way down your road to recovery. Whether you’re struggling with an addiction, emotional trauma or decreased motivation, our counselors are here for you. A better life starts here. Take the first step with us.

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Our therapists are available to work with patients on an individual basis to work through emotional issues. Patients will explore better coping mechanisms and enhanced self-awareness.


For immediate families, friends or extended relatives dealing with grief, trauma or relationship issues, we provide group-based counseling sessions to resolve conflicts and promote bonding.


Whether you're struggling with alcohol or drug addiction or you're just seeking to enhance your life skills, Pushing Through Community Service opens its doors to you with counseling services.

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